Spark and Angle Grinding Safety Briefs

Angle Grinder Saftey Briefs


Act Facts

~ This act is not Pyro optics

~ There is no fuel, no gun powder, no heat, and nothing flammable

~ Spark are shooted off of my body with a grinder that is 750 Watts, Causing

95% of sparks to travel a MAXIMUM of 2 meters at a temperature which is

cooled at 75% causing very low heat and the ability to expose to skin, face,

hair, materials, etc…..

~ Temperature of sparks low enough not to mark/burn paper at a distance of 1 meter



Only risks could be:

~ sparks in eye

~ trip over cable

~ not being able to see

~ femoral artery cut

~ Slipping on stage


  • these all are precautions that is the performers responsibility to consider.
  • Performers are highly qualified and professional within there act


Precaution steps for the performer:

~ goggles worn

~ cable coil on ground is bright orange (or marked with hi vis tape)

~ goggles are clear lensed for highest visibility

~ performer is highly trained and has thoroughly practiced the performance techniques

~ minimum stage space requirements: adhered to: Sparks are ‘cold’. Temperature

~ sparks low enough not to mark paper at distances past 1 meter. Grinder is __750__watts

causing 95% of sparks to travel a maximum of _2_ meters.


Fire Hazard

*no fire used in act. no pyrotechnics used in act. visually effects are caused by very low temperature sparks causing no damage to exposed skin or materials over 1meter away.


Angle Grinder RISk assessment


What? Likelihood (1-10) Severity (1-10) Risk (likelihood x severity) Remedy
Equipment failure 2 8 4 Equipment mode for purpose, made to highest standards and checked before each performance.
Audience Interference 3 9 4 Minimum safety distances agreed with by client. Performance area will be marked by obvious boundary. No audience participation in the show.
Performer dropping equipment 1 8 9 All performers experienced and trained to perform set choreographies. Safety distances between performance and audience to be observed.
Performer slipping on stage 2 8 9 Performance area to cleared to reduce slip hazard. Rubber soled shoes to be worn.
Accidental ignition 1 8 4 Safety circuitry in use on most equipment. Safety tabs cover ignition terminals. Batteries kept separate from equipment until show.
Décor catching on fire Couldn’t happen 8 Couldn’t happen Surrounding area will be inspected before performance.
Pyro fire 0 10 0 This is a non Pyro Act
Pyro detaching from equipment 0 8 0 This is a non pyro Act


nb: this is a generic risk assessment

1 being non risk, 10 being more at risk


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