Rise of Ascension



September 29 (Thurs) – Oct 2nd (Sunday), 2011

in Big Sur, Northern California.

Dedicated to the flow Arts and music community!

Intention of this event

A wonderful event in beautiful Big Sur, celebrating life, performance, art, music and friendship!

Self realization going internally and clearing the mind, body and soul. Realizing your beauty within and filling life with positive vibrations, getting rid of old, replacing with the new and exciting. Opportunities are endless and we will gather to create, learn, live, love and flow!


Sound by:


Blue of Blue Insomnia (founder of Fuente Eterno and Mexico Ascension)

Michael Mannino

Visuals by:

Rich Porter of hooptechnique.com

Kiwi of Erroneous Maximus

Performances by:
Tammy FireFly
Onamare Heart www.eccentrictalent.com/onamare

and all of us as a collective of artist!

Onamare is offering a 90-minute intensive stretch class for all levels of flexibility. Discover
where your range-of-motion lies, what muscle groups are tighter, and learn to have a helping
friend deepen your flexibility. Learn how to breathe in more flexibility and needed peace. I
will help teach six-central poses that will offer a great way to get more flexible! I guarantee

Daily yoga and mediation sessions

We will also have an abundance of Hoop, poi, staff, aerial, acro yoga and slackline workshops!

Open movement play and workshops

Flow objects (hoop, poi, staff, etc)





Body Movement and Manipulation

Hoop and Play Jams

All night Fire Circles

Saturday Pool Party Extravaganza!!!!!!!!


Thursday 10 am – 4 pm: Shuttle running

Friday Flow Jams, Flow workshops, Aerial workshops, music, swimming, connecting

Friday Night all night music with an amazing line up

Friday Night performances, flow jams and controlled fire circles

Saturday 3:30 am (friday night): Night/ dawn hike to Big Post

Saturday 9:00 am: Hike to Little Post

Saturday 10:00am Workshops/flow jams/Aerial Arts/Slacklines


Saturday Sunset: Tropo plays/DJ’s/Aerial and other Performances

Sunday 9:00 am: Redwood Canyon Hike

Sunday funday free play!!!

Sunday: Shuttle back starting at 10 am


Friday Night (Saturday morning 3:30 am meet in The Pasture for Big Post night hike:) This hike is for EXPERIENCED HIKERS ONLY. I would like to limit this hike to the first 25 people to sign up (and this can be done by email or a sign up sheet upon arrival) you will have to bring headlamps, a few snacks and one or two liters of water. I expect it will take two hours to hike Post Summit (and the same back), where there is views of the back country, Pico Blanco, and South Coast. The first half of this hike (up to Little Post) is mostly through nice golden grassy fields, and then knee high brush on the secondary ascent (which was recently cleared with a machete so it isn’t too bad.) This hike is very steep and essentially on a deer trail and overgrown fire break. We don’t want to have to worry about someone falling and hurting themselves in the dark, so please stress that people should not attempt this hike unless they are confident and regular hikers. 2,500 feet of elevation gain and two miles, sounds short but is very steep and on a bad trail. You should be advised that there is always the remote danger of encountering a mountain lion at this time of day.

Saturday Morning 9:00am meet in The Pasture for Little Post Hike: This hike is a moderately difficult hike and still involves a steep incline to Little Post, which is half way to Post Summit. This hike has similar views to Post Summit, but none into The Back Country. It is about 1,250 feet of elevation gain and a mile hike – which we anticipate it taking a little over an hour, maybe longer with a lot of people. Again, this trail goes on deer trails and is quite steep. It could be hot during this time of day, so sunscreen and a liter or two of water and snacks are advised. At this time of day rattle snakes can be out, although it is rare to see them we almost stepped on one in the brush my last time up there and nearly got an ankle bite. Dehydration is probably the greatest concern.

Sunday Morning 9:00am meet in The Pasture for Canyon Hike: This hike is the easiest hike, which will loop through the redwoods in our canyon, crossing Pheneger Creek twice on an old logging road. Half of the hike is an unmaintained road and is covered with downed logs, rocks and landslides from the fire in 2008. Thus it is important, as with all of the hikes, for people to wear proper hiking shoes with good ankle support. It is about a mile and a half with intimate views in redwood and oak grove settings. The road has a nice slope, but still drops about 500 feet in elevation and then regains about 500 feet returning the The Ranch. I like this hike because unlike the previous two it is a loop. While the hike is along the same creek we get our water from, there is a chance of contamination this far down and so a liter or two of water is recommended, along with snacks. There are few dangers on this hike besides a sprained ankle, it is almost all in the shade, although at one point we do have to traverse an area where the road slid away and could be bad for someone afraid of a twenty to thirty foot drop.


Other information

The event is “Rain or Shine” we do get occasional early rains, but september is usually beautiful and sunny! Every one will need to sign a waver when they get in the shuttle. The Ranch isn’t fully manicured on all areas with ‘no cracks in the side walk’  please be aware that you come on the property, and attend hikes at your own risk. COMMON SENCE will keep you safe!

Thursday there will be someone at the bottom of the road meeting people/helping them park cars and a shuttle driver will bring you up the mountain (here we will be checking names on the pre-register list) we will have the ranch truck for shuttling up people and camping gear. It’s important that you  CAR POOL as much as possible, because parking at the bottom of the hill is really going to be a problem. Please only bring what is necessary… this is not a fashion show so please leave costumes at home and be pure for the mountains!

People will be setting up tents in a big line on the road to 7 acres (below The Studio) and there will be ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING in this area, the designated smoking areas will be sand filled garbage cans in the field and the field fire pit. Also no camp fires, or stove fires, all food will need to be prepared in the designated kitchen, where the big stainless steel sink is, and we will have the propane griddle/burners at your disposal I’ve added some pictures relating to the fire, and it’s important attendees know that since The Ranch was purchased in 1962 three forest fires have come onto the property, one burning most of the land around it and another incinerated several buildings and vehicles. Thus fire danger is a major concern, and everyone up here hopes you will respect that. Besides this, finding cigarette butts all over the ranch is always a drag after big parties.

Please keep in mind this is private property and a concern is the privacy of everyone living on The Ranch. While almost everyone is excited about the event, we all appreciate having our own personal space. And so please remain in the common areas of the ranch (except not in the orchards, since there has been concern about them picking, tripping up water lines etc…) So that would be: The BBQ area, Food Prep Area (under the bays where the sink is,) The Pasture, Pool and 7 acres.


We look forward to an amazing weekend and more information will be sent out soon!!


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Additional information please contact:


Art and Fire Take Flight

Whether twisting through delicate bands of fabric or spinning high above in rings of fire, Tammy Firefly’s stunning acts amaze and delight.