Rigging Specs for Aerial Performance

Rigging onto an existing structure :

To rig on existing structures, an attachment point rated at least to 2000 lbs is required as well as a ladder, manlift, catwalk or other safe method of accessing this point. For a dynamic aerial show, floor to ceiling height must be at least 18ft. Lower riggings may still allow for ambient entertainment events. We ask that you please inform us upon initial contact if the rigging point is higher than 50ft as special equipment may be required.

Regardless of listed rating, performers retain the right to refuse service if they do not feel safe and comfortable with the provided rigging point. Pre-inspection of the rigging point prior to the event is suggested to avoid any confusion.

Portable Rigging Structure:

Portable rigging may also be provided upon request. This rig requires 30x30ft flat unobstructed ground area with 19ft height clearance. This standard setup will provide the aerialist with an 18.5ft rigging height and can allow for exciting aerial performances. A lower set-up option is also available and requires a 25×25 flat unobstructed ground area and 15ft height clearance. This arrangement will provide a 14.5ft rigging height which provides ample clearance for lyra or dance trapeze. Silk performances are limited at this height.



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