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Tammy Firefly is an internationally acclaimed performance artist who has entertained and enthralled audiences across the world, from awe inspiring aerial performances in Bali to breath-taking fire dances in Costa Rica.

With an inventive style that ranges from playful to provocative and from daring to inspiring, Tammy Firefly’s acts brighten each occasion and light up the night.   Her extensive repertoire is inspired by her travels and rooted in diverse training, including stage theater, circus arts, acrobatics and yoga.

Whether twisting through delicate bands of fabric or spinning high above in rings of fire, Tammy Firefly’s stunning acts amaze and delight.



Bespoke performances are designed to heighten the ambience and energy of each occasion and create an unforgettable experience.  She works closely with clients to create customized, mesmerizing acts that suit the unique theme, atmosphere and physical space.

Her professionalism and commitment to exceptional productions result in an unparalleled experience from the initial booking to the performance’s finale.  Whether planning solo performance or coordinating a complete troupe, Tammy Firefly transforms clients’ visions into flawless productions.



Tammy Firefly’s passion for performance and design was sparked early on.  Beginning in 2002, she has studied circus arts, dance and yoga across the globe:

  • Yoga Alliance Instructor Certification (Rishikesh, India)
  • Rigging 101 & 102 training (Santa Cruz, CA)
  • Circus School Australia (Gold Coast, AU)
  • Cirque School LA (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Rhythmic Gymnastic Program (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Anti-Gravity, Aerial Cirques Training (Orlando, FL)

Tammy Firefly has broadened her range of experience and expertise with successful ventures into performance art, event production, clothing design, yoga and business management.   She also has a vast range of experience in instruction and training.  From corporate team building classes to private sessions, Tammy Firefly delivers classes that accommodate all levels and objectives.



Mercedes Benz Corporate Event   Kauai HI

Envision Festival    Uvita, Costa Rica

Playboy Mansion   Los Angeles, CA

Olympic Stadium   Seoul, South Korea

Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival Whistler, Canada

Hilton Corporate Event Maui, HI

Bali Spirit Festival   Ubud, Bali

Sonic Bloom Denver, CO

Circus Gatti Across Canada

Wanderlust Festival   Tahoe, CA

Adelaide Fringe Festival Adelaide, Australia



The safety of performers, the audience and the venue are upheld as the highest priority. Each performance is fully insured through RJF Agencies, Inc. Tammy Firefly and her stagehands ensure that rigorous safety standards are upheld for every performance



To rig on existing structures, an attachment point rated at least to 2000 lbs is required. For a dynamic aerial show, floor to ceiling height must be at least 18ft. Lower riggings may still allow for ambient entertainment events. We ask that you please inform us upon initial contact if the rigging point is higher than 50ft as special equipment may be required.

Portable rigging may also be provided upon request. This rig requires 30x30ft of unobstructed ground area with 19ft height clearance. This standard setup and will provide the aerialist with an 18ft rigging height and can allow for exciting aerial performances. A lower set-up option is also available and requires a 25×25 unobstructed ground area and 15ft height clearance. This arrangement will provide a 14ft rigging height which provides ample clearance for lyra or dance trapeze. Silk performances are limited at this height will not include large drops or roll downs.


Fire performance pieces are accompanied by a fire safety expert who oversees each act. Each fire performance booking through Tammy Firefly includes the presence of qualified fire safety personnel.

For additional information fire safety details and technical specifications and fire safety details, please send your email inquiry to

Art and Fire Take Flight

Whether twisting through delicate bands of fabric or spinning high above in rings of fire, Tammy Firefly’s stunning acts amaze and delight.